Shahid Falahi - Musafir CD-647

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Nasheeds mainly in english by Shahid Falah  

From a very early stage of his life, Shahid developed a keen interest in art and culture. Thus he started writing poetry and songs in his early teens. Since then he has written, composed and sung a variety of numbers. His melodic voice has a fine balance of sweetness and resonance in it and carries much emotion and appeal. His international debut Album "Musafir" is a blend of concepts and styles, sung in English, Arabic, Bengali and Urdu. This entertaining and uplifting album is truly a trendsetter.

Tracks: How Beautiful You Must Be

The Chosen One


My Life Is For You

A Chorus For The Young

Forgiveness Is All I Ask

Sitting In The Warm Evening Sun


How Beautiful Must Be (Acappella)

My Life Is For You (Reprise) 

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