junaid Jamshed - Badi uz Zaman CD-977

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This is the fourth Nasheed album by the legendary Pakistani ex-record artist, Junaid Jamshed, on the back of three very successful albums since he devoted his talent to the Nasheed genre. The title, Badi'-uz-Zaman, literally means 'Creator of an Age' - an honorific to the Final Messenger's (SAW) universal message.

It contains powerful compositions in praise of the Almighty, odes to the Beloved Messenger (SAW) and inspirational poetry, including a track in Bengali.


Mera dil badal de 
Jab mein kahoon Mohammad 
Nobi mor (Bengali) 
Badi uz Zaman 
Meri Nabi ka Naam 
Yaar rahe Yaarab Tu mera 
Tofeeq dey mujhe 
Ilahi La Tu Azzibni 
Har Lehza (ibadur rehman)



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