Exorcism in the UK- Islamic Documentary


2 DVD Set, Volume 1 of 3
A Documentary exploring the practice of Islamic exorcism in the UK. This two set DVD contains exclusive footage's of jinn possession featuring an in depth lecture on black magic, jinn possession and its cure by Shaqur Rehman on disc 2. Along with clip of ruqyah, exorcism performed by Abou Mohammed (Nadir)

Ustad Shaqur Rehman
Along with PGCE and MA in Applied Linguistics. He started his quest for Islamic Education in Egypt. He Studied in Syria and Saudi Arabia whilst teaching English in various universities and institutions. He became Hafiz of the Quran with Ijaza in recitation and various Islamic Sciences including theology and jurisprudence.

Abou Mohammed (Nadir)
Has been performing Ruqyah according to the Quran and Sunnah for over 10 years. An Active member of his local masjid and Human Relief foundation. He released this DVD to educate the Muslim masses about the correct practice of ruqyah in order to dispel the misconceptions or ignorance`s that  surround this serious matter.


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