Fard Salah - DVD

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DVD on Fard Salah - The success in the life here and after .

This DVD is primarily for those muslims who have little understanding when performing salah .It is source of material which could be used to help individuals concentrate, focus and understand , just by watching the dvd over and over again ,as you would watch your favourite movie .It shows an individual performing Salah in a dark room , under a spotlight , with mist circulating to give a feel of loneliness and submission to the Lord all mighty . The recitation of the Arabic verses echoes around the subject. The verses are narrated in English and Urdu to give a clear understanding of what is read when  salah is performed. Some stages in salah it is performed silently in your heart and mind , This media is for illustration purposes only just to give the feel of how , when and what is recited when performing Salah .

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