My Dictionary in Arabic/English HB-

£15.00 £9.99

  • A Large easy to read Arabic and english hard Back Book
  • A playful colourful picture dictionary, in Arabic translated in English with 1500 everyday words
  • Age Range: 0+
  • It is superbly illustrated . . . each chapter showing familiar objects under chapters such as home including pages such as  family, clothes , religion etc. 
  • School chapter includes pages such as shapes , numbers , human body etc.
  • City chapter including pages on market , transport etc.
  • Chapter on Village including pages on fruit , flowers etc.
  • Environment chapter includes pages on world, bugs , animals etc.
  • The balance of pictures and text on each page is spread - not overcrowded .
  • The translation is clear and accessible dual language text for young readers to enjoy.

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