Adventures in The Nile Valley by Susan Omar

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Adventures in The Nile Valley by Susan Omar

English , Ideal for kids 9 to 12 years

This is the companion story to New Friends, New Places and presents a fascinating account of the British Muslim boy, Adam's second visit to Egypt. He is amazed and captivated by the many Islamic monuments, exciting historical places and hectic but colorful life of Islamic Egypt. His journey takes him to Al Azhar, the famous thousand-year old Islamic university, the mausoleum of Iman Shafi, the ancient mosque of 'Amr bin al-'As and on a fascinating visit to the pyramids and the desert. Through visiting Islamic places, joining the salah in various mosques, celebrating the Festival of 'Id with great excitement, Adam not only rediscovers his links with Islamic past but acquires a sense of pride in belonging to the universal ummah of Islam.

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