Eid Mubarak Lantern K-Red

£3.00 £1.50

Product Information

Make Eid amazing for your kids with our reusable paper lanterns
Ruby red combined with Fuchsia Hanging Lantern creates a bright and fun colour scheme that really wow's your guests. Intermingle with our Eid bunting to create an truly memorable Eid.

All of our hanging lanterns come with their own wire expander, so they are ready to hang, or on their own with string or ribbon.

The wire expander also has an internal hook that enables you to hang a mixture of colours together.

1 reusable lantern per pack
Not suitable for light fixtures or to be used with candles

*** Please note: The price of this lantern has been reduced because we have found some of them have developed a small amount of rust on the internal metal frame whilst in storage. Although this will not impact on the utility of the product, we have found rust stains may appear on a few of the outer shells. The product can be displayed as normal but we have reduced the price as it does not meet our usual quality. Rest assured the product is safe to use. ***