Companions of the Ditch & Lessons from the life of Musa (AS) by Anwar Awlaki

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Companions of the Ditch 
In the first of these two lectures Imam Anwar extracts benefits from the famous story in the Qur'an about the struggle between a boy of faith and a disbelieveing king. Imam Anwar explains the significance of the story in the constant conflict between truth and falsehood and the sacrifieces required to stand firm upon Iman (faith)

Lessons from the life of Porphet Musa (alayhis-salam)

The life of musa (alayhis-salam) is truly a treasure chest for the Muslim Ummah. In this sermon (khutbah) Iman Anwa has takenb selected events from the life of Musa to exemplify how Allah streghtnes and aids those who belive in times of need.



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