Al Faizan Thobe New Business Minimal Olive


Business Minimal Olive
Simple. Minimal. Elegant.  
Islamic fashion now has a genuine contender for the Menswear spot.  It’s back to basics with the brand new AL FAIZAN Ramadhan 2017 collection.  Clean cuts and no fuss.  The Business Minimal is the thobe to be seen in this summer.
Bright colours to keep in season with this year’s trends are complemented with rose gold embroidery on the left breast. Finished off with an understated Chinese collar and colour coded buttons along the open placket.

We wanted to do something a little more daring for our 5th year anniversary.  Considering green has long been thought of as the colour of Islam it’s surprising many overlook this colour.  Many still fail to do justice to the colour.  This is even more apparent in the Menswear market. We worked hard to find the right balance between the spectrum and believe we’ve found just the right colour.

It’s a little less green and than green and we’ve named it Olive after one of our favourite foods and more importantly because of its synonimism with Islam.Wear with a long line cardigan or leave untouched to find that right balance between casual days and smart days.

This collection continues our aim to encourage more contributors of Islamic fashion to cater to our fashion conscious Muslim brothers.

Less is definitely more with the AL FAIZAN Ramadhan 2017 collection. From the custom engrave buttons to the pleats on the back, it really is the little things that matter.

comes in length sizes with chest sizes S-XL

S - 36 - 38 Approx.

M - 38 - 40 Approx.

L - 40 - 42 Approx.

XL -42 - 44 Approx


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