Mini Quran Cube Speaker


Product Description

Quran Cube

  • Full Qur'an Recited (choose reciters from options below)
  • Mixed Nasheeds (No Music)
  • USB Powered (Wire Included)
  • Aux Wire
  • Gift Box
  • Full Surah List
  • Instruction Leaflet

**  Due To The Compact Size Of The Quran Cube, The Rechargeable Battery In The Quran Cube Is Of Small Size. Due To This, On Some Occasions The Battery May Only Last A Short Period Of Time. Therefore, The Quran Cube is Not Advertised As Being Rechargeable. We Advise Using The Quran Cube Whilst Connected To Power By USB.   **


All Quran Cubes Come With 7 Different Recitations Of The Quran:

  1. Sheikh Sudais
  2. Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly
  3. Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy
  4. Sheikh Juhainy
  5. Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri
  6. Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy (Arabic With English Translation)
  7. Sheikh Sudais (Arabic With Urdu Translation)

English & Arabic Nasheeds (NO Music)