Modest Full Cover Swimwear For Muslim Women

Assalam alaykum Dear Sisters,

Today we are promoting the Full Cover Modest Swim Suit for Sisters.

Now just to clarify some misunderstandings, this swim suit is not appropriate to wear in a public swimming pool where there are non Mahram men. (A Mahram is a man who is related to you)

As you can see from the photo’s below, the suit hugs tightly around the body clearly showing the figure & curvaceous shape of the lady. We should be all aware, that showing the figure in this manner is actually not permissible in Islam when we are supposed to be in a Hijab.

On the other hand though, in the common event of Women Only swimming days that certain leisure centers across UK & beyond now allow, or Women Only Beach days that some countries in UAE have. The women are of all ethnicity & religions & when you think about it even among the Muslim women there are some that are ignorant of certain Islamic rulings that refer to hijab. For example, some Muslim sisters are not aware that although it is permissible to reveal certain parts of our body to a fellow Muslim sister, if were to do so, they would then be under an Amanah  (a trust, a responsibility) of what they were to see. We are not allowed to then discuss so and so’s beautiful long legs, complexion, birth marks or color hair etc to anyone else let alone their husbands or brothers. Because then it would be as though they themselves have seen you, it’s only human for our brains to start picturing & imagining what is being described to it verbally.

However, unfortunately not all Muslim women maybe aware of this or if they are, they might not necessarily know or act on it’s importance. It is always best to stay Modest even in the presence of fellow Muslim sisters

“Modesty is a branch of faith” [Reported by Muslim, hadith no. 56]

“No man should look at the ‘awrah of another man, and no woman should look at the ‘awrah of another woman.” [Reported by Muslim, hadith no. 338] 

The Awrah is the Arabic word referring to the parts of the body that are not allowed to be seen, in the woman’s case, she is allowed to reveal her legs from the knees downwards and her arms from her shoulders down & of course her hair, but only to other practicing Muslim women that she know’s she can trust. One can not trust a non Muslim Stranger with this, especially in these times of testing & confusion, not mentioning individuals who are attracted to the same gender, in this case it is as though you are revealing yourself to a non Mahram. (A separate post altogether) 

The product we are advertising today works perfectly as an under garment to a light Abaya.

- It prevents the Abaya from sticking to your body when wet.

- It allows extra coverage & security when the Abaya or any other form of over garment flows up to the surface as you enter the water.

- Manufactured by the award winning ZOOGS, a renowned swimwear retailer in it’s area of expertise, already producing swimwear for men,women & children all over the world. Proving its quality to be safe, durable & high in comfort & security.

- Made from fabric that is chlorine tough. 80% nylon 20% lycra giving you up to 120 pool hours (4 x longer than conventional fabrics)

- This high quality 2-piece Full coverage body suit for maximum modesty including head cover, makes this a swim suit for life. With an elasticated shelf bra for additional bust support & tie up, to hold the bottom of the top around the waist preventing the risk of ride up.

- Also available in smaller sizes for girls. Suitable for use together with Abaya & highly recommended for Muslim sisters who do not yet wear Hijab out of respect to children & others that do. Our blessed prophet Mohammad saaws teaches us that if we are in a situation that we had to choose between 2 wrong things, we should choose the lesser wrong. And I think we can all agree that seeing a woman in one of these suits it much more appropriate to seeing one in a bikini or other even more revealing swim suits.




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