Summer Hat Hijab Tutorial

Assalam alaykum Sisters,

With Summer not far away & many already booking their Holidays, we thought this Hijab Tutorial will come in handy.

This Video Tutorial, kindly done by sister Saima Styles Like, shows you how to wear a Summer style Hijab (that still covers you in a modest way), with a beautiful hat on top that produces extra shade from the sun. Although many would see this as just another unnecessary Summer Fashion style, we would like to point out & share some practical benefits that make this style unique & productive as well.

- It doesn’t interfere with how the Hijab should cover us, maintaining it’s purpose of Modesty

-It provides extra shade from the sun that in result, keeps you cooler. (Major advantage in very hot countries such as UAE)

-Creates less face exposure, that helps prevent Sun Burn & unwanted tan lines on your face.

-Reduces the risk of that awful headache we tend to all get when exposed to the sun for a certain time. (Especially in country’s we are not accustomed to & the sun tends to hit us in different ways)

-In this particular case where the hat is in a plain black colour, it is not too eye catching or attractive. It’s easy to see it blending well with any traditional style black Abaya just as nicely, reducing the risk of catching any unwanted & unnecessary attention.

-It can also look just as nice on sisters wearing Niqab. Often sunglasses look odd when wearing the Niqab, so wearing a hat similar to this one, even on top of a Khimaar, will eliminate the purpose for them.

-Wearing this style Hat with your Hijab during the Summer, sincerely, with the right intention of protecting your yourself, your eyes, and the blessed face Allah Azzawajal has gifted you with, will actually gain you rewards insha Allah. Not wearing it because it just looks good or different or because of the latest trends etc.

So please do watch, enjoy & share and do feel free to post in your comments. JAK




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